June 2020

Jack of all trades inhibit inflammation

May 2020

Killer cells add fire to fuel immunotherapy

Disulfiram inhibits inflammatory gatekeeper protein: Could it be helpful in COVID-19?













March 2020

Nature Reviews: The gasdermins, a protein family executing cell death and inflammation

Gasdermins deliver a deadly punch to cancer


November 2018

RNAi Rollercoaster Begins to Reap Therapies

July 2018

"Teenage" red blood cells could hold the key to a malaria vaccine

April 2018

Guardians of the Ring

Nature Immunology: Hard-to-kill macrophages lead to chronic inflammation in HIV

December 2017

Microbial Murder Mystery Solver

November 2017

Microbial Murder Mystery Solved

Microptosis: The Answer to Antibiotic Resistance?

Nature Reviews - Granzyme B's roundhouse kick against bacteria

September 2017

Symposium In Honor of Judy Lieberman

March 2017

Nature Biotechnology - Worth the RISC?

July 2016

When antibiotics fail - A potential new angle on severe bacterial infection and sepsis

Angel of Attack: Protein fragment offers new way to try battling bacterial infections and sepsis

Science Signaling Editor's Choice

June 2015

Expanding on exosomes and ectosomes in cancer

January 2015

Vector - Can breast cancer cells tell each other to metastasize? By Tom Ulrich

December 2014

Science - "Malicious exosomes"

Special delivery: microRNA-200-containing extracellular vesicles provide metastatic message to distal tumor cells

Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences USA - "tRNA-derived G-quadruplex protects motor neurons"

June 2014

Cell - "Delivering three punches to knockout intracellular bacteria"

March 2013

SciBX - "Bacterial synthesis of small interfering RNA"

NPR - "'Sponge' drug shows promise for treating Hepatitis C"

Los Angeles Times - "A new drug shows promise of hepatisis C cure"

Health - "Experimental drug may work against Hepatitis C"​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

June 2012

National Human Genome Research Institute - "Uncovering the archaeological landscape of cancer genomes"

Biotechniques - "RNAi therapeutics: the teenage years"

May 2012

Nature Review - "Therapeutics: siRNAs jump the hurdle"

April 2012

Vector - "Packaging RNAs for speedy, accurate delivery for cancer and more"


RegenerativeMedicine.net - "Packaging therapeutic RNAs for targeted treatment of breast cancer"


Harvard Immune Disease Institute - "Packaging therapeutic RNAs for targeted treatment of breast cancer"

Janurary 2012

Cellular & Molecular Immunology - "Endocytosis by target cells: an essential means for perforin- and granzyme-mediated killing"

November 2011

Cell - "ceRNAs: miRNA target mimic mimics"


Nature Reviews - "Epigenetics"


Nature Reviews - "Regulatory RNA: layer by layer"


Nature Reviews - "RNA: a new layer of regulation"


Lizzard's Lieberman lab shirts rock!


August 2011

Dr. Judy Lieberman, MD at Facing Tomorrow 2011


BostonMagazine.com - "Test tube threads"

July 2011

Virology Blog - "TWiV 140: an aptitude for microbicides"


May 2011

Voice of America - "Topical medication might provide protection against HIV"

November 2010

Nature Immunology - "Host DNase TREX1 hides HIV from DNA sensors"

October 2010

IAVI Report.org - "Clues found about how HIV-1 avoids triggering innate immune reponses"

October 2009

Blood - "Granzyme A is a proinflammatory protease"

January 2009

Cell Host & Microbe - "Cholesterol paves the wya for topically applied viricides"

May 2008

Cell - "Granzyme A, a stealth killer in the mitochondrion"


Nature Medicine - "An apt approach"

The Scientist - "More support for RNAi in clinic"

Focus - "MicroRNA regulates tumor stem cells"


Science - "Therapeutic RNAi: delivering the future?"

Harvard Crimson - "Revolution in the labs"


Gene Therapy - "A practical siRNA microbicide"


Silencing herpes simplex virus with a vaginal microbicide


Cell - "siRNAs: a promising alternative to vaccination?"


Trends in Molecular Medicine - "Directed cell type specific delivery of siRNA"


Nature Reviews Microbiology - "Effective protection"


Nature Biotechnology - "RNAi tackles a sexually transmitted disease"


Gene Therapy - "Antibodies guide the way"


Nature Biotechnology - "Receptor-targeted siRNAs"


Nature - "Silence of the genes"


Nature - "Topical microbicide based on siRNA"


New England Journal of Medicine - "Targeting specific cell types with silencing RNA"


Journal of Cell Biology - "Reparing for death"

Immunity - "Do cytotoxic lymphocytes kill via reactive oxygen species?"

DNA Repair

Harvard Gazette - "MicroRNA discovered to play role in DNA repair"

Dana Farber Cancer Institute - "MicroRNA discovered to play role in DNA repair"


Cell - "What goes on must come off"


Nature - "Tails of histones lost"


Science - "A sound rationale needed for Phase III HIV-1 vaccine trials"


The Charlie Rose Science Series Episode 07.24.07 - "AIDS" (Guests: Paul Nurse, Seth Berkley, Scott Hammer, Peter Kwong, Judy Lieberman)


HMS - "Topical treatment wipes out herpes with RNAi"

WBZ-4 Healthwatch (1/21/2009)

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